While the video is playing, right-click the screen and select Audio > Options. Click 'Audio time shift' and enter a number, positive or negative. It's measured in ms, so 1000ms = 1 second. Click Apply to test. You can keep editing this number until you get it synced correctly. Click OK to go back to viewing.
My recording audio and video are out-of-sync If you have the mp3 audio file for the recording, download the Recording Repair app to help you sync the audio and video. If the recording isn't fixed after using the Recording Repair app, contact Adobe with the following information, so we can investigate the issue and attempt to repair the file:

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After 2 or 3 minutes, audio will be behind video approximately 3 to 4 seconds. Over my LAN, flash audio and video are in sync just fine. On my Android smartphone (Motorola Bionic) with a 4G connection, flash audio and video are out of sync about 15 frames, but the gap doesn’t appear to increase no matter how long the stream plays.
Video lags and hence the audio is out of sync by a few seconds. However, I have connected all audio to the cameras so really they should sync with the video and lag alongside it. Unsure why this isn't happening though? Technical: Macbook -- 2.5 Ghz Intel Core i7 . Wirecast Version -- 7 . Streaming to DaCast . Encoder Presets: x264

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Problem After finishing a recording, the video and audio seem to be out-of-sync. Solution This can be caused by a system resource issue.... Click OK. Close and reopen Camtasia. See if audio and video are in-sync during playback. Option 2: Reduce Screen/Capture Frame Rate.
My video is running out of sync with the audio on the timeline. I cannot sync the verbal mouth wording to the video lip movements. I did not have this problem on Movie Studio 14.

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Hey there, I was editing a gaming video for my YouTube channel and I noticed while I was in the timeline that the audio was out of sync. I changed the FPS and the audio sample rate, but to no avail. I used Shadowplay to record at 60 fps (even though it says 59 in HitFilm 3e). Please help!
I've used Accord.Video.FFMPEG.VideoFileWriter to write the frame, and audio bytes (or signal). but unfortunately I keep having delay between audio and video. I've tried to trace that delay and come up with the following: 1- the delay is different from stream to stream. i.e. for one stream it's about 1800...

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Solved: No problems with Adobe Premiere Pro 2014 - then I upgraded to 2015. Now my first file/project getting this error when I play my video in the project - 7265033. Jun 23, 2015 1 /t5/premiere-pro/audio-and-video-clock-out-of-sync-at-00-00-in-quot-adobe-player-quot/td-p/7265033.
Model Aspire VN7-572TG So on every single video, weather its streaming from netflix or youtube, downloaded videos, or even commercial dvd's there is an audio lag, This occurs regardless of weather I am using the built in speakers, plugged in headphones, or bluetooth headset.

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Audio/video out of sync on cartoon network on ... I've been experiencing an audio/video sync issue on cartoon network for a number of days - with vision lagging sound ...
Jun 25, 2013 · Source video files with audio and video are correctly synced but out of sync after conversion. The resolution will not work if the audio and video of your source files do not match. Audio lags behind of video when using the trim, merge features of Bigasoft Converter or converters from other brand.

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When burning a DVD with Windows DVD Maker, why is my audio and video out of sync? I have uploaded a video to Windows Movie Maker and then burned the DVD with Windows DVD Maker.
Video Editing & Audio Services Projects for $250 - $750. We are looking for an editor to compile a series of proprietary course videos. Simple editing of syncing powerpoint slides to audio recordings. Roughly 10 videos, each being 20 mins. Being based in Si...

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Topic: Audio Video Out of Sync I've installed SVP PRO and I'm using mvp bundled with the installer, without enabling SVP the video has no issues but after some time with SVP enabled the audio and video go out of sync.
("WebVTT" is a standard format for displaying timed text in sync with audio or video tracks.) If you want to add captions to your original PowerPoint presentation, follow this procedure and the next one, "Add the caption file to the video." To download the caption file, return to the video's properties page.

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Jan 10, 2010 · Generally handling video and audio separately until the final steps solves most ffmpeg / mencoder woes. ffmpeg generally has better audio features than mencoder. You can sometimes get over the GOP issue by using -ss for a large increment of time in front of -i and another -ss for a short amount of time afterwards.
I just got a new MacBook Pro (10.13.6). When I insert videos into PowerPoint slides, the video is slightly out of sync with the audio. The videos play and sound fine outside of PowerPoint, just not when inserted. I have had a couple of Lenovo ThinkPad for the past 8 years and have had no problem like this.

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My sound is out of sync with my video If your sound is out of sync with your video, it typically points to a problem with the title you're trying to watch, or to a problem with your device. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.
Does anyone else have a problem with the YouTube app having audio out of sync with video? I searched online and found no solutions. There is atleast a 1 second delay. Sent from my GT - i5800 Kyrillos Rom 3.0 Extreme JPM
I am used to renting movies on iTunes, and so last night I downloaded an HD movie. It was about 75% completed when we started watching it, and I noticed while I was watching the movie that the audio and video were progressively getting more and more out of sync. After about 15-20 minutes, it becomes really apparent that they are out of sync.
This video explores how to repair sync problems in the Premiere Pro timeline. Take a look at several different types of out-of-sync errors and discover how different commands can fix them—including both Move Into Sync and Slip Into Sync. Also explore how video and audio can mistakenly become unlinked, as well as how to relink and repair the sync issues.
Apr 27, 2017 · Only after video is exported audio sync is lost. Video is only 3 min ish long but sync problems are visible from start of rendered mp4. I have extracted audio and video only using ffmpeg as per other posts (Audio Aligns With Video In Shotcut, But Goes Out Of Sync After Export) and video file is slightly shorter then audio file.

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